Surveys & Voting


  • Create custom online surveys and questions
  • Supported question types include multiple choice (one answer), multiple choice (pick several answers), and open-ended comments
  • Quickly and easily collect feedback on school activities, events or other happenings on campus
  • Offer recognition/spirit points for completion of surveys
  • Pre-defined survey templates available
  • Interests survey
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  • Create custom online polls for any school voting scenario including elections, homecoming/prom courts, and yearbook superlatives
  • Design questions with options that include name/label, biography/description field, picture/image, media link (i.e. YouTube video)
  • Configure questions to select from predefined list of individuals (combination of type, grade, gender and eligibility status)
  • Offer recognition/spirit points for voting participation
  • Common voting templates available
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Other Features

  • Choose eligible survey and voting participants (individually, by class, by activity involvement or by event attendance)
  • Open surveys and polls can be accessed directly through the student app, if eligible
  • Deliver surveys and polls by web link or email invitation. Eligible participants can authenticate via many different methods
  • Designed to be taken on any internet-enabled device, including smart phones. Manage in a shared computer lab or kiosk setting
  • Monitor individual survey and voting progress, view results online. Export results to PDF or Excel formats
  • Built right into 5-Star Students. No additional software or user accounts required

5-Star made our voting process so much easier, efficient, and transcended how we do our elections. We had over a 200% voter participation turnout, and expect over 90% of our student body to be involved in our election process next year! Using 5-Star Students is one of the best things any school can do to improve not only their election voter turnout, but the entire election process!!! It just makes sense.

Steve Rausa Assistant Principal, Vista Murrieta High School - Murrieta, California