Interests Survey

Gain insights about your student and staff interests using the Interests Survey!

 Interest list

Maintain a custom list of interests for your school. We give you 90+ to start, but you can add more or remove as you wish

 Match interests to your activities

Associate interests to your activities to help provide recommendations to students who take the Interests survey later

 Create the online Interests Survey with one-click

You can create one Interests survey per school year. Distribute the survey to students and/or staff just as you would other surveys or voting polls

 Give them immediate feedback

Immediately after a student or staff member takes the survey, they will be shown a list of school activities related to their interests (if any)

 View results anytime

Once survey responses start coming in, you can immediately see the resulting data. Easily view the most popular interests, get a list of individuals that have a specific interest (or group of interests), and look up the interests of a particular student or staff member

 Complete documentation available

Documentation on all survey features and options (including the Interests Survey) is available