Survey of Student Engagement

Student Engagement Matters

Every teacher knows that the single most important factor in a student’s education is whether that student is on board with his or her education. If a student is motivated and engaged, that student will almost certainly learn. The lack of tools available to let schools quickly and accurately measure student engagement is almost unthinkable.

Survey of Student Engagement (SSE)

5-Star Students has partnered with Advanced Education Measurement to develop the Survey of Student Engagement (SSE). Dr. Bryan Shelly designed the SSE to ensure that schools could quickly collect the most valid, reliable information possible on student engagement, self-esteem, and attitudes towards their school, teachers, peers, and future.

The SSE robustly measures the factors most related to student success in just 10 carefully selected questions, so that schools can quickly capture critical information without eating into instructional time. With the SSE’s unique design, schools can track whether their programs are helping students become more engaged, whether their self-esteem is rising, and so on during the course of a year.

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Go Beyond the Numbers with Your
School’s Very Own Data Expert

Dr. Bryan Shelly of Advanced Education Measurement holds a Ph.D. from Princeton University and is the author of one book and six peer-reviewed academic journal articles on topics in including No Child Left Behind, Latino public education, the impact of participation in extracurricular activities, and public opinion on the public schools. Dr. Shelly has served as a third-grade teacher and classroom assistant at Boston’s John Eliot School, an assistant professor at Wake Forest University, a summer workshop director for Pennsylvania Association of Student Councils, and a data strategist with The Strategic Data Project at Harvard University and the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. The Alliance for Student Activities features Dr. Shelly in its Let X=Student Activities campaign as the pre-eminent contemporary voice on the positive impact of participation in student activities.

Dr. Shelly used all of his 15 years’ experience as an educator and a researcher to ensure that the SSE provides schools with essential information that will drive student gains. As part of their subscription, all schools will receive 5 hours of data analysis and reporting from Dr. Shelly. Dr. Shelly’s analysis will go beyond the most obvious results and truly understand the impact each school’s programs have on student engagement, the areas in which schools can focus to quickly improve, and the direct relationship between student engagement and outcomes.

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Prove Student Activities
Make Your Kids Better

Activities directors know that budgets for “extra-curricular” activities are always among the first to get cut. Now, with an assist from 5-Star Students and AEM, you can fight back and prove to the whole world that student activities are an essential part of all students’ education and cause better student outcomes.

Dr. Shelly’s work with the Let X=Student Activities campaign has helped countless educators use data to make the case that student activities make kids better. Along with 5-Star Students, he is thrilled to be able to help schools collect their own data and prove to principals, teachers, and community leaders that these programs are working.

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