School Web Pages

Our enhanced school web page design makes publicizing your activities recognition program easier than ever

Check out these great features!

Re-styled home page

A streamlined home page with links to additional pages (if applicable). Looks great on mobile devices!

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Dedicated leaderboard page

The familiar points leaderboard on its own page. All the previous configuration options are still available.

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New events page

Choose to enable the events page, which lists selected events automatically. Visitors can see date and times, point values and additional information if available.

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New activities page

Choose to enable the activities page, which lists selected activities automatically. Visitors can see the activity name, point value and additional information if available.

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Visitor sign in

Allow students to sign in via a selected authentication method. Authenticated visitors will have access to their personalized involvement page

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New involvement page

Once a visitor authenticates, they can access their personalized involvement web page. Choose to display participation details (activities and events), eligible surveys, eligible voting polls, or all of the above.

Sign in with these credentials to access a sample involvement page. ID: 10013, Last name: Adams

Complete documentation available

Documentation on all school web page features and options is available.

No additional cost!

School web page capabilities are included with any paid subscription.