Elementary School Pricing

Elementary School

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Track unlimited school activities and events
Track points, reward eligibility and distribution
Free access to mobile manager app for users
Track unlimited positive behaviors
Track parent involvement, in addition to students
Email support, documentation, videos
Generate and print barcoded ID cards for students
Distribute up to 50 user accounts
Access to premium webinars

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Mobile Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Symbol CS3070 - RECOMMENDED!

Pair with your Bluetooth-enabled device for real-time scanning or store barcode data on the unit for later upload to 5-Star Students

  • View product images
  • Bluetooth or batch-mode scanning
  • Long battery life, rechargeable
  • USB cable included for data upload
  • Break-away neck lanyard
  • Instructions and tips


USB Barcode Scanner

Symbol LI2208

Connect to your PC or Mac and scan barcodes in keyboard mode. Compatible with 5-Star Students web check in option

  • View product images
  • Real-time scanning to your PC or Mac
  • Plug and play, no software required
  • Scan barcodes on electronic displays
  • 7' USB cable
  • Instructions and tips



Charging docks, stands

Improve productivity and ease-of-use with helpful accessories for your new or existing barcode scanner equipment.

  • View product images
  • Optional accessories
  • Charging dock for CS3000 series
  • Gooseneck stand for LI2208
  • Guaranteed compatibility
  • Instructions and tips

pricing varies

ID Cards

Barcoded ID Cards For Students

  • 30m PVC card with protective finish
  • Black printing on white card background
  • School logo included. Customized designs available

$0.35 per card

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