Web App

5-Star Students is a web-based system that provides 24/7 availability to users. All major web browsers are supported and no additional software installation is required!

How it Works

Subscribe to use 5-Star Students and your school receives its own secure area for student activity and event tracking. You may configure as few or as many school activities and events as you wish and optionally assign a "value" based on a customizable points system.

Next, add student data manually or via file upload (csv and Excel formats supported). Then, match students to activities and events. There are multiple methods and formats in which to record participation or attendance.

Finally, take advantage of amazing data on student involvement!

  • Student involvement by grade, gender or time period
  • Individual student involvement across school years
  • How well are certain events attended?
  • What are the most popular student activities?
  • Which students are most involved?
  • Which students are not involved?

Use the system to implement a recognition program for student involvement on campus. Incentivize attendance at key events by offering extra points. 5-Star Students will keep track of progress and the leaderboard (by year, semester, or any other time period). Even create a customizable school web page for students, parents and faculty to follow your program!

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Event Tracking Features

  • Use barcode scanning technology to check-in students, faculty or community members via existing ID card
  • Capture attendance via Mobile App
  • Capture attendance online (internet-enabled events)
  • Capture arrival and departure times
  • Load pre-sold ticket lists and validate during event check-in
  • Specify a "no-go" list and warn at event check-in
  • Use a mobile barcode scanner to capture attendence, transfer data later to web app

More than Just Students

Manage faculty/staff and community involvement using 5-Star Students!

Add faculty/staff and community members and check in at events, just like students

Promote and recognize student, faculty/staff and community involvement all from one place!