Proximity Beacons

Beacons allow students to self check-in to events!

When used with our mobile Student App, individuals can check into 5-Star Students events based on their proximity to a beacon. Imagine students being able to check in themselves to events with no barcode scanning necessary!


How Does It Work?

Estimote Beacons are tiny computers. They have a processor, memory, Bluetooth Smart module, and motion sensors. Powered by alkaline batteries, they broadcast radio signals through built-in antennas.

Smart devices in range receive those signals and compatible installed apps, like our Student App, can then respond via a notification or other actions

More Information

Inside each Beacon are two AA alkaline batteries. At default factory settings, battery life is about 3 years.

Each beacon contains an omnidirectional antenna with a configurable range, up to 100m (328 ft). The actual range depends on the location, because radio signals can be absorbed or diffracted.

Estimote beacons are enclosed in a soft silicone waterproof enclosure. The beacons have no ON/OFF switch so they are always on.

Each beacon has a unique identifier that can be assigned (and reassigned) to a 5-Star Students event, to be used during a specific date and time range.