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Savage Spartans

Do you feel like you don't get enough recognition for your school spirit? Well, we have the perfect fix for you! Welcome to the Savage Spartan System!

The intentions of this program are to give students rewards for showing school spirit through their involvement in activities at Lathrop High School. Using this website, students will be able to keep track of points earned through an ID scanning system. By attending the different events shown on the Events Page, students will receive points that will add up per event, which will eventually accumulate to different rewards.

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Top Individuals
ID Points
610081219 3935
610081022 3925
610065790 3415
610053782 3390
610060646 3155
610082315 3155
610050057 3105
610041412 3080
600022041 2940
610040323 2910
Grade Levels
Grade Points
12 174,755
11 154,440
9 146,175
10 139,885
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