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How to Earn Points:

Respect: 5 points

Responsibility: 5 points

Resilience: 5 points

Seminar Check In: 5 points

On Time to Class: 5 points

Attend a club meeting: 10 points

No Discipline Referrals all Week: 10 points

100% Attendance all Week: 20 points

No Tardies all Week: 20 points

Spirit Day Participation: 20 points

How to Spend Points:

Pop Socket: 225 points

Candy Bar: 150 points

Ticket to a Topeka West Event: 50 points

Lunch Line Pass: 50 points

McDonald's Sandwich: 250 points

Java West Drink: 200 points

Topeka West Water Bottle: 100 points

Earbuds: 100 points

Homecoming Dance Ticket: 250 points

Couch in the End Zone: 500 points

2019-2020 Topeka West Yearbook (limit 10) - 4500 points

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