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Welcome to Thompson Middle School

This website is designed to help Thompson Students keep track of their House Points as well their House standings.


 Our Houses Their Meaning / Color
AltruismoThe Givers / Orange
Amistad The Friendlies / Light Green
ComplidorThe Achievers / Light Blue
HonestoThe Respected / Red
IndarraThe Strong / Dark Green
IsibindiThe Courageous / Purple
SabiduriaThe Wise / Grey
SamilostThe Compassionate / Navy




Student Rewards

RewardPoints RequiredEligible
Front of the Line Pass 25All Grades
House Stickers25All Grades
PTSA Ice Cream35All Grades
March Corn hole Tournament Team Admission75All Grades
Water Balloon Fight Students v. Staff Entry75All Grades
Free Mile Pass100All Grades
Lanyard100All Grades
8th Grade End of Year Pass2508th Grade
ASB VIP Pass2506th and 7th Grade
Hover Board275ALL


Name Points
Indarra 11,638
Isibindi 10,304
Complidor 9,926
Amistad 9,785
Honesto 8,147
Sabiduria 7,997
Altruisimo 7,988
Samilost 7,655
Avg Points Per Member
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