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What are Kingdom Coins and how do I get them?

Knights! Lets have Knight Pride!! Pride not only in yourself but also in your school. Rio linda's 5 Star Students will ensure that you have the best experience. Collect Knight Coins and get rewarded! Collect Knight Coins at many events on school campus. Have your ID on you at all times and be ready to earn rewards! Lets showcase our Knight Pride!



 Dutch Bros Gift Card  250
 Pop Sockets  150
 Skip Lunch Line for 1 Week 100
 Lanyards 50
 Knights Decal 50
 Draw String Bag 30
 Note Books 25
 School Supplies 5



How Do I Win Big?

Get Points simply by having your ID and having FUN.


Here is How You Earn:

Join sport teams

Attend sporting events

Join clubs

Participate in spirit days

Show your Knightly Virtue

Achieve high GPA

Attend any Events listed on our Event Calendar

Top Individuals
ID Points
#1 1065
#2 1026
#3 1022
#4 882
#5 876
#6 863
#7 849
#8 840
#9 840
#10 840
Grade Levels
Grade Points
12 96,877
11 77,603
10 77,282
9 55,173
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