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Welcome to the Betsy Rhodes 5 Star Students Homepage.


This is where you will see everything our students are working for and how they earn points.


Students! You can check your points balance at the bottom of this page.


Take a look at our House System and which house has the most points on our Leaderboard.


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Earning Points and Rewards







Weekly Treasure Box

10 Points

Popsicle Treat

20 Points

Lunch with a Friend

30 Points

Monthly Experience

40 Points

Space Station Visit

50 Points


We are Respectful, Responsible Rockets! 


Grade Levels
Grade Points
5 20,139
3 20,025
2 16,524
4 15,566
1 2,266
K 251
PreK 3
Name Points
group image Onraka 19,568
group image Nukumori 18,642
group image Protos 17,830
group image Sollevare 16,795
Avg Points Per Member
Points Lookup