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Check out NU's 5star program! Don't forget to download the 5star students app where you can view your activities, upcoming events, your points, access surveys, vote for homecoming court, receive notifications about upcoming events and more!

Here you will find information about all of our programs at NUHS.  To log in, you need your last name (exactly as it appears in Synergy) and your student ID. Once logged in you will have access to a student interest survey, access to any polls/voting you are eligible to participate in and you can also view your participation data.

How It Works

My Events- this will keep track of all events (plays, sports, college nights, etc.) We will be using this often! You can check into an event by scrolling to events nearby and entering the event code we have posted, or by getting checked in by a staff or student with a scanner. 

My Points- for each event you attend, good behavior, or survey you respond to, you will be given Spirit points and other prizes.

Surveys and Voting- we will post these so you can add your input on events, dress-up days, etc. This is also how you will vote for during elections like homecoming court and student government.

My Activities- these are clubs, sports, etc. you have participated in and have been registered with your coach or adviser.  

Check out the links below for more information on our wonderful activities on campus.

Top Individuals
ID Points
111516 320
110522 310
112218 310
110284 295
110866 290
113292 290
111807 285
113131 285
111602 280
113212 280
Grade Levels
Grade Points
9 34,670
10 26,840
12 18,020
11 16,921
Name Points
Class of 26 34,615
Class of 25 27,530
Class of 23 20,290
Class of 24 19,501
Gold Team 1,142
Blue Team 937
Avg Points Per Member
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