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5-Star - Our Digital Rewards System!


Click on "Leaderboard" to see how many points you have earned!

This is the total you have earned. If you have spent some, you will have less points. Check the STUDENT APP for your remaining point balance or click "Sign in" up above.

Model Respect

Fulfill Responsibilities

Make a Difference

Show Kindness

5-Star points are connected to your student ID number. Every time a teacher scans you on your ID or QR Code, you get points! Teachers can also enter points from their device and you might not even know it!

All "Rewards" that are ordered will be delivered by PAL students to your class. You don't have to do anything else, just order! :)

If you have not received your items in a week or you have questions, visit Mr. Corbin in room 309.

Top Individuals
ID Points
#1 2106
#2 1151
#3 1068
#4 761
#5 737
#6 719
#7 692
#8 692
#9 649
#10 647
Grade Levels
Grade Points
6 72,951
7 43,695
8 40,133
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