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What is 5 star students?

Earn points for attending school activities and participating in out of school events.  Events will be designated and publicized ahead of time with the amount of points that can be earned by attending. 

Rewards and incentives

Ways to Earn Points

1. ASB Sticker Member (25 points)

2. Clubs and Organizations
     1. Attending Club Meetings (2 points each meeting)
     2. Club Membership (10 points once you have attended at              least 3 club meetings)
     3. Athlete on a Sports team (20 points)

3. Attending Sporting Events (Note: Not all games will be tracked- games receiving points will be announced prior to events). Receive between 5-15 points for attending games.

*More points may be awarded to special events or championship games

4. Voting and Taking Polls (5-20 points)

5. Perfect Attendance at Each Quarter (10 points)

6. Get Caught Following the Black & Gold Code - (5 points)

7. Dress up days and participation in other activities (5-25 points)

Given at end of each semester

  • 50pts - Vaquero Lanyard
  • 100pts- Vaquero Rally towel
  • 175pts - Vaquero T- Shirt
  • 250pts - Vaquero Water Bottle
  • 300pts - $15 credit to student store/finance office

The following will be rewarded based on total points of each year. 

  • Top 5 9-11th Grade Students in Each Class - Free ASB Sticker for the following year (by May 31st)
  • Top 2 12th Grade Students - Free "Vaquero For Life Pass" that gives entrance to all Home sporting events for life (by May 31st)
  • Top Student in Each Class will be recognized at the last rally of the year (by date of Rally)

For every 25 points you earn between now and the end of the school year you will receive one drawing ticket in the end of the school year drawing.  ASB will be giving away gift cards, school apparel, ASB cards for next year, Homecoming tickets for next year, and much more.  

There will also be extra rewards given to the top point earners throughout each semester such as VIP entrance into dances and other events.  

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