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Eagle Store

Welcome to the 2021-22 School Year at Eisenhower Middle School!

This year you have the opportunity to earn points, such as Being to Class On Time, Being Fully Prepared at the Bell, Showing Kindness, along with others.  You will collect these points here and can spend them in our store.  You will order them on the store and then pick them up during the week after school.  Check out the store as we will be adding new items throughout the year.



Points System

How to earn points! 

Attendance - 1 pt

Caught in the Act of Kindness - 5 pts

Charged Chromebook - 1 pt

Follow Classroom Expectations - 1 pt

Fully Prepared at the Bell - 1 pt

Mask Covers Nose and Mouth - 1 pts 

On Time to Class - 1 pt

Tutoring - 5 pts 

Spirit Week - 10 pts per day participating

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