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Warriors, this is the Official ERA 5 Star Student Page.  On this page, you can access leaderboard information, activities, events, interventions, and many other awesome features.  Please take the time to navigate through the website.  If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Henning or Ms. Willson.


Activity/ActionPoint Value


Sports/Activity Membership 

  • Athletics

  • StuCO

  • NHS

  • Interact

  • Drama Club

  • LINK Crew

  • E-sports

  • Math club

  • Photography Club

  • Guitar Club

  • National Ocean Science Bowl

  • Gay/Straight Alliance (Alphabet Soup?)

  • Futsal

  • Boys volleyball

  • Peer Mentors

  • Honor Guard (Flag Folding)

Up to 500 points


Attend a school event


  • Musicals

  • Plays

  • Blood Drive

  • Homecoming

  • Prom

  • Talent Show

150 points (More points, because of limited number of events)


Attend a school event


  • Athletic event

  • Back-to-School Dance

  • Spring Dance

  • Peach Fuzz/ Powder Puff

  • Study Party

  • College Night

  • Etc.

100 points


Participate in special days


  • Spirit week/per day

  • Hat day

  • Athletics theme nights

  • Etc.

50 points


Community/Integrity(Above and Beyond Expectations)


  • Cleanliness

  • Teacher Support

  • Student Tutoring

  • Friendliness/Character

  • Spirit Leader at Games

  • Soccer Ball Runner

  • Volleyball Line Judge

  • National Anthem Singing

  • Miscellaneous Activity (Teacher discretion)

10 points


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Eagle Ridge Academy Athletics Page

Eagle Ridge Academy Activities/Clubs

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