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AVMS provides many opportunities for students to be involved in activities.  We have an ASB program and student council with officers from each grade level. This group organizes many fun lunch activities, school dances, dress-up days, crafting events, after-school events such as astronomy nights, student senate meetings, and other events that connect students to school.

Students can get involved in these activities as well as participate in our Falcon Service program which promotes and recognizes community and school service. 

AVMS has choral, orchestra, and band groups, which perform often during the school year.  In addition, we have drama productions and yearbook publication. All of this is complemented by our academic activities: Science Club, Geography Bee, History Day and Spelling Bee, Art Group, Family Book Club not to mention the classroom-sponsored activities such as Astronomy Night and the Poetry Readings. 

Let's also not forget our lunchtime sports programs which include grade-level challenge games in sports such as flag football, dodgeball, basketball, and soccer! 

We hope to see all our students get involved on campus and to reward them both for their academics as well as their involvement in school activities. 

How to Earn Points & Use Points

There are a variety of ways to earn 5-star points at AVMS:


  • Participate in a Lunchtime Activity (10 pts/each)
  • Participate in Lunchtime Sports (20 pts/season) (Currently not available due to COVID)
  • Attend an after-school dance or event (10 pts) (Currently not available due to COVID)
  • Participate in a community drive (10 pts)
  • Giving feedback (answers to questions on IG, surveys on 5 - Star, etc)
  • Participating in our Falcon Service program.
  • Participating in the photo contest.
  • Submitting photos to the yearbook staff.

BEHAVIORS (All 5 pts)

  • Achieving Academics
  • Being Prepared
  • Cleaning Up Campus
  • Helpful
  • Inclusive
  • Kind
  • On Task
  • Outstanding Improvement
  • Owning your decisions
  • Participation
  • Respectful
  • Showing School Spirit
  • Student of the Month
  • GPA awards
  • Practicing physical distancing
  • Wear a protective cloth face covering
  • Walking on campus using the one-way routes marked by orange arrows
  • Actively participate in discussions and activities- ask and answer questions
  • Stay on teacher-directed websites during instruction
  • Have your webcam on and remain in view during the lesson

There are a variety of rewards and benefits for accumulating your 5 Star points:

  • Reserve courts and fields for lunchtime use
  • Reserve sports equipment (soccer balls, basketballs, etc) for lunchtime use
  • Special seating areas at lunch
  • Falcon Nest: Use your 5-Star points on Wednesdays at the stage to buy toys, items, and privileges (free run pass, swap seat pass, no homework pass, change an answer pass, etc)
  • Falcon Wheel: Use your 5-Star points on Fridays to spin the wheel for prizes at lunch at the stage. 
    • And more!
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