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Welcome, Sierra Vista Students to our new and improved SUCCEED program- this system maintains your digital Plainsmen Bucks! 


Students may earn SUCCEED points from SV staff for showing SV's SUCCEED values in academics, citizenship, school spirit, and wellness.

Students may be awarded points for showing academic improvement, strong perseverance and hard work in classes, attending MAP time, showing SUCCEED values both on-campus and online,  attending Friday SUCCEED time activities, working with their counselors, demonstrating support for classmates, having positive attendance, getting to class on time and having no tardies, principal honor roll/recognition for improvement at end of a grading period, and showing SV school spirit. 


Log into your 5 Star Student Account to see the list of amazing incentives that are waiting for you as you demonstrate SUCCEED!





Please understand that all rewards are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. They are subject to availability and can be changed, modified, canceled, or added at any time by SV school administration.



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