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Student Activities

At Monterey Trail High School we strongly encourage our students to become involved in student activities as an excellent means to build life-long skills such as time management, decision-making, communication, organization, and leadership. It also provides a great opportunity to make friends and great memories while in high school.

Study after study has also shown that students who are involved on their campus perform better academically. 

In addition to the many clubs and organizations on campus, students can be involved by attending rallies, dances, performances, and sporting events and participating in spirit days. 

For more information about clubs or organizations on our campus, or other ways in which you can be involved, please stop by the Activities Office in HC6 and speak with our Activities Director or any student in Student Government.

5Star Rewards

Students may use the points they have earned and redeem them for 5Star Rewards.  



Free Charburger with Cheese at the Habit - 150 pts
Spirit Towel - 100 pts
Mobile Pocket - 50 pts
Mustang Tattoo - 25 pts

Look for more items to be added soon.

Rewards may be claimed on Wednesdays, during lunch, in the Student Store.  All items are limited in quantity.

Top Individuals
ID Points
99795403 755
99754959 650
99735369 525
99793303 475
99732806 426
99727627 391
55621787 390
99793307 360
99733729 355
99735319 350
Grade Levels
Grade Points
12 20,758
9 14,693
11 14,012
10 13,328
Name Points
@ Green Team 8,702
@ Gold Team 7,307
Group 0
Avg Points Per Member
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