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Welcome Cardinals!

Welcome to the Grand Valley High School 5 Star Students Site! Here, you will find information about the point system, events, spirit leaders and redemption prizes. This site is still under construction, so please be patient with us!

Use the links above to see activities you can get points for being involved in, upcoming events you can attend and see where you stack up on the current leader-board (based on student or staff id and is searchable).


How Do I Earn Points?

Become a member of a school sponsored activity such as a ...

  • Sports Team
  • Club such as Key Club, Outdoor Club, Art Club and more
  • Group such as Honor Society, Journalism, Leadership and more

Earn points by displaying CRISP behaviors!

  • Collaboration
  • Responsibility
  • Inquiry
  • Service
  • Perseverance


Attendance - Show up for ...


  • Events such as Drama plays, dances and band concerts
  • Athletic games and matches
  • Activities such as scholarship nights
  • Spirit Week Activities/events
  • Other special events as they come up
  • We will even award extra points if you bring guests to events. So bring a non GV student to a game and get more points!


Participate - Get involved by ...


  • Participating in assembly games
  • Dressing up during spirit week
  • Participating in lunch activities as they happen
  • Getting good grades
  • Maintaining good attendance



How Many Points Do I Get?


There will be a lot of opportunities to earn points, and some may not be listed here. In addition to the points listed below, we may have things like double point days and events.

Athletic Participation50 points (Awarded at end of season)
Clubs/Co-Curricular25 points (Awarded late Spring)
Special Athletic Events 5-15 points
Special Events5-20 points
Student of the Month25 Points
Home Athletic Event2 points
Spirit game Participation2 points
Assembly participation2-5 points


Who Gives Me Points?


All staff (anyone who works at GV) are able to award points at any time for CRISP behaviors.

Designated staff and students at events and activities will award points.


Points & Prizes-

TBD- We are currently gathering items and prizes that you will be able to redeem purchase points for.  We'll keep you posted in the upcoming weeks!


Holiday Food Drive!

Make sure to get involved in giving back to your community!

GV Leadership Holiday Food Drive

Dates:  Nov. 19-Dec. 11th

Donate non-perishable food! 

Bring in all donations to advisory to collect 5 Star Points!

1 point per item

Larger items will receive additional points

(double sized cans = 2 pts, industrial sized cans= 5 pts)

Points awarded throughout the food drive! 

Top 10 individual contributors will also be rewarded at the Jolly Week Assembly on Dec 12th!

Winning class will be rewarded as well at the Jolly Week Assembly.

Questions about this page? Please contact Grand Valley High School