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Aztec Pride Points


Aztec Pride Points

Must have ID to get points added.


How to earn PRIDE points:

Spirit Days, Class Shirts days, Attending events, Bring in cans/shoes, etc.


Math Tutoring after school M-Th in Library.


Positive behaviors around campus.



Prizes awarded at the end of each quarter.


Point are cumulative the whole year.


Point totals equal the following:

25-50: King size candy

51-100: Drawsting backpack     

101-150: Cell Phone Wallet

151-200: Year Bridge Pass

201-250: Fanny Pack

251-300: PRIDE Socks


Top 9th - 12th Point Earner (end of 1st semester): Free Sadies Ticket.


Top 9th -10th Grade Point Earner (end of 2nd semester): In N Out lunch for 5 friends.


Top 11th Grade Point Earner (end of 2nd semester): Free senior parking spot the following year.


Top 12th Grade Point Earner (end of 2nd semester): Free Senior Activities

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