El Capitan Middle School

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Soar Points Rewards List

El Capitan Rewards List

(Redeem SOAR points in the SOAR Points Station at Lunch)

50 pts.- Front of the Line Pass

100 pts.- SOAR Buck

100 pts.- Plus One Front of the Line Pass

250 pts.- One Sports Event Ticket (Football/Basketball)

250 pts.- Lanyard Replacement

500 pts.- ID Replacement

500 pts.- Semester Long Front of the Line Pass

500 pts.- Semester Long After School Pass

750 pts.- All Sports Pass (go to any game for free)

750 pts.- Extra El Cap Fanatic Shirt

1000 pts.- DJ for the Day

1000 pts.- Hoodie

1250 pts.- Island Water Park & King & Queen Ball tickets. (8th grade only)

1250 pts.- Pizza Party for 3 during lunch 

SOAR Points Available



(Must meet activity participation for example- must complete sport season)

Sports Participation = 50 pts

Performing Arts Participation = 50 pts

Leadership = 50 pts

Scholastic Teams = 50 pts

All Clubs = 20 pts



Sports Game / Meet / Match = 10 pts

Premium Sports Game / Meet / Match = 25 pts

Performing Arts Production = 20 pts

Meeting Attendance = 5 pts

SOARing = 5 pts

Obligation = 2 pts



El Capitan Middle School

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