FERPA Compliance

Certain information about your students will be contained in records maintained by 5-Star Students and this information may be considered confidential by reason of the Family and Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (20 U.S. C. 1232g) (FERPA) unless valid consent is obtained from your students or their legal guardians.

While it is the responsibility of your institution to define and enforce FERPA-related policies, 5-Star Students provides several features to assist you in maintaining FERPA compliance.

5-Star Students uses all commercially reasonable administrative, physical and technical standards to ensure that no unauthorized person gains access to any student information that may be considered confidential under FERPA. We also use all reasonable efforts to ensure that no student information is inadvertently disclosed that may be considered confidential under FERPA to anyone other than personnel within your institution or other individuals that have been authorized by your institution to access such information through the use of this system.

Role-Based Management & User Access Gatekeeping

User managers appointed by your institution control the type of information that is accessible within 5-Star Students to ensure that all users are assigned the least-privileged role for achieving their objectives in the system. 5-Star Students requires that anyone desiring system access must contact your institution's manager(s) and be invited to create an account. There is no means of self-registration to gain instant system access.

System Access Logging & Monitoring

All access to 5-Star Students is logged and includes information such as IP Address, user ID, success/failure of the login, and the role assigned when accessing the system. This log information is available to your institution upon request.

The system is proactively monitored by advanced monitoring services provided by an independent network security provider. The 5-Star Students technical staff periodically reviews instances of failed login attempts.

No publicly available student information

No personally identifiable student information can be made public from the system in any capacity. All access to student content is available to authorized users only.

Data Retention

The institution owns all rights and interest to any information, images, files, etc. that it uploads to the system. 5-Star Students houses and persists historical information and backups, but it is the responsibility of your institution to establish and maintain a records-retention policy compliant with your needs or requirements. 5-Star Students provides features to delete information at the discretion of your institution's system managers(s) once it is no longer needed.

Please see our Privacy Policy for more information regarding how we collect and use information