The use of barcode scanners is ideal for capturing student attendance at school events. Scanning a school-issued ID card is significantly faster and more accurate than using paper lists to record attendance.

Purchasing a barcode scanner model from 5-Star Students ensures that you receive a unit that has been specifically configured and tested with our system. In addition, you'll receive documentation and support not otherwise available from another vendor.

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Mobile Barcode Scanner

Symbol CS3000 Series

Weighing only 2.45 oz, fits in a pocket or on a lanyard providing anywhere, anytime mobile barcode scanning. The device can be used in batch mode for downloading at a later time and the CS3070 features real-time mode with a connection via Bluetooth® technology to a laptop or mobile device. In addition to a durable, ergonomic design, each unit boasts a 12 hour battery life in real-time mode and 24 hour battery life in batch mode.

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USB Barcode Scanner

Symbol LI2208

Wired barcode scanner reads all standard linear barcodes on paper, and electronic barcodes displayed on the screen of a mobile phone, tablet or computer. Use to scan barcodes directly into a host computer running the 5-Star Students web app. Plug and play device, no software installation required. Includes a USB cable.

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Authorized Reseller

Zebra Technologies

5-Star Students is an authorized Zebra barcode scanner products reseller. Contact us if you are interested in other Zebra products.